Ten Examples of Empathy in Wild Animals.

  1. The pack of buffalo (or whatever they were) from the viral footage from Kruger Park in Africa;
  2. The Lion Whisperer;
  3. Christian;
  4. Post-Earthquake PTSD Pandas;
  5. An unexpected adoption;
  6. My kind of dolphins;
  7. A HUGE (but motherly) giant beneath the ice;
  8. The little nudge that made a big difference;
  9. Koko and her kitten;
  10. The Notorious Blackfish scene;

11 thoughts on “Ten Examples of Empathy in Wild Animals.

  1. poetrybyimpulse says:

    crazy video!!!!!!


  2. neighsayer says:

    this is important, because every damned rightwing, free enterprise capitalist is always talking about how the brutality of nature proves that it’s natural for them. Every capitalist thinks he’s an animal behaviourist and they’re totally just making it up.

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  3. JunkChuck says:

    I think I’m going to bookmark this to reference after the next, inevitable, horrible news story.

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  4. I LOVE animal empathy

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