Ancient Proverbs: 16 – Old English.

“Countless are the true words spoken or written in jest.”

~ Old English Proverb

Hmmmmm…what to highlight when it comes to Medieval England? (Not quite “ancient”, I do understand – but close enough…)

England has such a rich and detailed history that it’s difficult to even choose a topic or person to put into this post’s supportive content. For fuck’s sake though, I will choose Bede, “The Father of English History”; and one of the most celebrated scholars and writers of his time (a time that was savagely littered with strife and despair).

3 thoughts on “Ancient Proverbs: 16 – Old English.

  1. JunkChuck says:

    YIkes. As a former lit undergrad, I’m familiar with Bede, but never encountered someone who mentioned his name in a phrase that began with “I choose…” Okay, I’m lying–I loved all that olden shit and lapped it up like a hungry pup.

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