Ancient Proverbs: 16 – Old English.

“Countless are the true words spoken or written in jest.”

~ Old English Proverb

Hmmmmm…what to highlight when it comes to Medieval England? (Not quite “ancient”, I do understand – but close enough…)

England has such a rich and detailed history that it’s difficult to even choose a topic or person to put into this post’s supportive content. For fuck’s sake though, I will choose Bede, “The Father of English History”; and one of the most celebrated scholars and writers of his time (a time that was savagely littered with strife and despair).

3 thoughts on “Ancient Proverbs: 16 – Old English.

  1. JunkChuck says:

    YIkes. As a former lit undergrad, I’m familiar with Bede, but never encountered someone who mentioned his name in a phrase that began with “I choose…” Okay, I’m lying–I loved all that olden shit and lapped it up like a hungry pup.

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    • The guy was an awesome writer in an era in which people were generally illiterate and so in my opinion, he was that much more eloquent and unique for this reason. Vut yeah…gotta love Bede…


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