Beneath A Sighing Sky

S. K. Nicholas


Screaming animal screams. Dreams of words that were never said, of places lost forever as one by one they stopped believing. You try so hard to keep the magic alive, yet it fades as others become just another part of an ever growing machine. Fleeing in the heavy rain, we hide in alleys and in parks soaked to the bone and wishing for some kind of release. The night takes us in its arms. Watching with envious eyes, we see them as they exist without end. The ones with no pain. The ones who find it so easy to become so regular and fine. The stains in our hearts. The guilty dreams that keep us away from the light. Disintegrating thoughts. Bewitched by the shadows, and the countless yesterdays that can be found within. Love and tenderness in a fleeting touch. A broken man. A broken child. The animals call…

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