When a Mother Does

Bear Trainer is the poet after my own heart. ❤

Mocking Bird Down

When a Mother Does..

When a mother falls to her knees,
to beg, and to pray;
to crawl and to get out of the way.
When a mother covers her face,
and her swollen skin,
to hide the burst blood vessels
and her fragility within;
there is no vanity there-
it’s to protect her tiny offspring.
The symphony of rage, and of slamming blows;
a musical made up of fists and pain and bursts of red,
knuckles to the face and elbows to the head.
Boots to the gut, and dizzying assaults;
she lives, because she has
someone to live for.
Like a Baobab,
A mother does.
Rooted deep in the earth – and equally as
clutched to the sky, grabbing for better
more beautiful dreams, to pull down,
as gifts for her child. Anything more beautiful;
than this.

A mother does, blame herself.
Inadequacy. Imperfection. Any old reason.

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