Independence Day

This was last year’s Independence Day post; and I am re-blogging it as a prelude to this year’s.
Happy 4th Everyone ❤

Americana Injustica

Stretch 'n Yawn Stretch ‘n Yawn

“Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty.” – Thomas Jefferson

Ahhhh, the fourth of July; another year under my belt spent enjoying the independence I never thought I’d have again – and its something that I don’t ever take for granted, either. Not a single morning passes without that sense of overwhelming celebratory gratitude and disbelief.  Not a single one.

Fireworks are great, yeah…

Drinking way too much beer is a good time once in while, sure…

Family and friends over some killer BBQ? Sign me up…

And so the story goes, that my eternal vigilance lives on in me, in order to maintain the reality of my born-again freedom in life – in order to pay the pauper for the ability to live as I choose; not how HE chose for me to live – or die. In reality, these days – HE is the dead…

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