I Dont Surf. ( For J )

Mocking Bird Down

JIn response to: Wet Shore

A copper key hangs from a hook beside my bed. I read you, when that key has a quiet conversation with the jelly fish fearing  ocean fearing bear trainer in side me. But you know, that I would stride into that water to drag you out of it. You know I would bitch and curse all the way and freak out like a girl if anything touched my feet, and when we got to shore I would be checking my clothes for any signs of stow away sea life. My two greatest fears…   the things that luck in the ocean and fire. Watching someone I love die in a fire.  Quite the dream there sugar! The part I liked the most was that you know somewhere deep down that you know that I cant fix your mess, so I wont insult you by trying. I…

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