Ancient Proverbs: 23 – Friendship.

Friendship is something that each and every one of us takes for granted; it is a fickle element in Life that we each find ourselves loathing and loving at some point and another…

Friendship is, in actuality, one of the most precious commodities in the world, when it’s real and true.

Today, I awoke feeling full of gratitude for my real and true friend in the world, so today’s proverbs are with Sam in mind.

“Friendship doubles our joy and divides our grief.”

~ Swedish Proverb

“You may forget with whom you laughed, but you will never forget with whom you wept.”

~ Saudi Proverb

“We are friends; we must assist each other to bear our burdens.”

~ Osage Proverb (Native American)

“A friend’s eye is a good mirror.”

~ English Proverb

“With true friends . . . even water drunk together is sweet enough.”

~ Chinese Proverb

Waltz of the polar lights

3 thoughts on “Ancient Proverbs: 23 – Friendship.

  1. Thank you. .. You makin me get all mushy. RUIN my street cred! 😛 You are true and real and you got a brain on you that I am rather fond of. And your legs. I am quite fond of your legs. Haha.. Okay – seriously – the connection we share is a deep one, and I believe it was bound by hands and forces that we were unaware of because we are very different in so many ways and weirdly the same in others. It feels deeper and more intense, and like we could both be falling apart at the seams and behave revoltingly and still chill with a smoke and have a coffee and be able to have an entire conversation just in grunts and cuss words about the construction, planting and detonation of a bomb.

    J, I am seriously… truly grateful for the acknowledgement. It really does mean a great deal to me. Pathetic thing to say I know – but to be acknowledged feels awesome because I am too many types of crazy for most – and of the reasons I love you so very much is because you have never seen me as anything other than a friend who is still awesome even if I am having a rain man moment.

    LOve you.

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