Would you be,
any fonder of me,
if I suddenly chose,
to be listening?
Would you decide,
to more deeply confide,
the darkness behind,
so many eccentricities?
Shall I unbind,
this heart of mine,
put it on your table,
where the other parts lie?
Would you prefer,
if I were more like her:
if I lived co-dependently,
on the coat-tails of your future?
If I leaned on you indefinitely,
with intentions only pure?
Would you think again,
if I’d used words better chosen,
had I’d considered more carefully,
enchanted might you have been?
What then?
I’m in…
to an ill-wished fortress,
he’s host – I’m hostess,
let the party begin.

6 thoughts on “Coat-Tails.

  1. Miggie says:

    beauuuutiful. I really dig your stuff

  2. Jarrod C says:

    Find someone who values you for who you are. You have a lot to offer as a friend and more.