More Than I Can Handle.

I hate when people say to me:

“The Gods wouldn’t give you more than you can handle.”

The fuck they don’t…the Gods must be giving me fucking way too much credit, then, in that case.

vikings-s3e4-floki-beliefI somehow must have been switched up in the heavenly information database somehow from an individual human being to a military detachment or something…how could any one of the Gods think I would have been able to handle everything that continuously gets thrown at me from left field? I honestly don’t know if I even think Mother Teresa could have managed without eventually breaking down and saying, “fuck this, and fuck you – all of you…”

because, personally…I’m pretty fucking sure I wouldn’t be able to handle a single thing more that’s even slightly stressful.


10 thoughts on “More Than I Can Handle.

  1. I used to feel like this too…until I learned recently that it does no good to complain or brood about it, you just have to shake it off and move on, try to make the best out of the worst. It’s all about attitude…

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  2. beausex says:



  3. m says:

    Funny, I was just reading a book that quoted from Mother Theresa’s personal papers. Apparently she lost God for some years.

    I know that you will handle whatever comes your way. You’re wired like me in this. No matter how far or how hard you get knocked you get back up and keep putting one foot in front of the other. There really isn’t any other option, is there? What’s a miracle is that we still love and care despite it all. Sane people give up. Saints keeping getting back up even when they know God isn’t there and keep going even when it’s insane. You’re in the saint category.

    That said, I’m instant rebel in a can: just add some stupid Calvinist saying about predestiny and endurance and watch me blow shit up. I don’t care if someone is a certified preacher-person: it is NEVER God’s will for people to suffer and struggle. Ever notice that the people who see God like that tend to cause a lot of suffering and struggling?

    Chin up and (hugs).

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  4. neighsayer says:

    what a horrible platitude that is! Like everybody wins and nobody dies, like survivors all haven’t by definition had more than they can handle. I always wonder how bullshit is supposed to help anything. It’s like a smoke bomb – “It’s all part of God’s plan” – POOF! I’m gone before you know what hit you.

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  5. sfarnell says:

    I had this last year. I have no answers for you, people deal in their own ways. I do know that like me you’re a human being and can not only get through it all, but thrive. You are strong ☺

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