The Hex.

Inside all of everything, there is a coded pattern that remains hidden (for the most part) to the naked, dulled-down human senses belonging to the human species.

It is the naturally forming pattern that I like to refer to as the “overpopulous equation“; the affect of too much mass in too small of an area – the pattern that begins to unfailingly take shape is the Hexagon.

afm-ibm-hexabenzocoroneneThe Hexagon is present everywhere at all times – down to a nano level; it is the foundation of the Universal Code to which I refer.

hay down hexesgiants-causeway-two1honeycombEven when you are “blowing bubbles” with a little kid with soap suds, the same effect occurs as a result of the crowding of individual bubbles…the Hexagon is everywhere.

The Pineapple

hex pinapple

Planet Saturn as shot from the Cassini Telescope


Snowflakes and ice particles

hex ice

Animal print patterns

hex giraffeLeonardo DaVinci’s “Flower of Life” model is completely based on the Hexagon – I’m sure no coincidence – the title he gave the drawing essentially says so much.

little davinci hex….and those, folks, are my current insomnia-infused opinions about the Hexagon. Have a great weekend, y’all.

4 thoughts on “The Hex.

  1. I now realize there are six sides to every story.

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  2. Haha! We all must know our hexagons!

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