I’m trapped in a hideous scene,
in which so many painful things,
all at once and quite suddenly,
have started making sense to me,
perceptions finally revealing,
certain gnawing mysteries,
bits I’d call haunt-worthy,
that keep it dark perpetually,
my own fragmented memories,
the presence of ugly realities,
the wound still resistant to healing,
through the womb in my own belly,
moments aren’t lived, but drained painfully,
stolen away day by day unceremoniously,
ground down to the grain systematically,
when I can account for my missing baby.

5 thoughts on “Unceremoniously.

  1. georgeforfun says:

    I cannot imagine the true depth of a Mother’s love nor the heartache created within when you know your child is in danger, in pain, or totally lost within himself or herself. We pray for the both of you to be reconnected despite all odds and obstacles, because Mothers and Children aren’t meant to be apart, IMHO. We wish for that sooner than later, Milady. ᕙ(💓▿💓)ᕗ

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  2. mandy says:


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