Mocking Bird Down


Her head was bowed,
in prayer, I guessed.
When the lightning struck her frame.
Her arms fell limp, and her eyes widened,
and the day stood still. Like a Polaroid.
We were Printed.
Irreversibly intertwined,
in a splash of broken fragments
that could, nor should ever be undone.
We share hues, of blues,
and degrees, of greens, and
we paint in black and white.
We bleed bright red, and we forget the rest.

Most importantly, we know.
So we glow when we need to. We show
when we need to.
We share when we have to, and we breathe
when we remember to. We love
because we want to.

The Lightning Opal: Black Opal is considered to be extremely lucky and the most uplifting of the Opals, bringing Light into the aura. It eases distress and dissolves depression and hopelessness, helping one face their darkest fears and to…

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