Out There.

Out there,
there’s no fear
I steer far beyond
the burning fire song
that sings
and screams from
each heave of my lungs
until the burn is gone
and my face is numb
when I come up
and I can’t see anyone
out there,
there’s no horizon
no lingering tension
I can do whatever
the moment says
I need to get done
there in the blue
there’s no such thing
as “me and you”
or any of the pain
attached onto
branded into
the guilt and shame
can’t get through
my good ol’ wetsuit
out there – anywhere
in the deep waters
of my darkest despair,
there is no solidity
nothing’s promised
in vain to me
nothing can be expected
either from or by
outside the knowledge of mine
that my ride in won’t be free.

One thought on “Out There.

  1. dodgysurfer says:

    Just come up for air now and then please!

    Liked by 1 person

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