Fuck doing what’s right to do
might have to confront the truth
and you may actually
at last, and finally
have to step up and pay your dues
every single bridge
burned down to a crisp
take the drama and dishonesty
as far as you can get from me
I can’t function like this
there you have stood silently by
done your parts to take what’s mine
when all is done
and you have no one
don’t come crying to me this time
you’ve helped to construct
an existence that is fucked
from wall to wall
and trumping any and all
good in the things you should touch
Fuck staying in this primordial soup
this fucking unhealthy familial loop
when I am no more
around like before
who then, will catch your boot?
Always chose to color me wrong
over and over until the color was gone
but you can’t tell me what is right
you wouldn’t even feel its bite
pull your knife from my back and walk on.

8 thoughts on “Soup.

  1. Very brutally honest and straight to the point.

    Brilliantly written and strong.

  2. Straight forward and so openly honest. Also these are words that actually should never have to be written or expressed in a perfect or even half perfect world. Sadly, the world hasn’t been even half perfect in a very long time and the Evil you write in your words is very very Real. Sad to hear, even sadder to comprehend and understand. Not the type of words I’d ever wish that anyone would have to write or remember.
    Wishing you days filled with love, laughter and happiness that you truly deserve…………………..and prayers of strength and support.