Incremental Death.

“It is said that a frog will jump out of a pot of boiling water; however, if one places it in a pot and turns the water up a little at a time, the frog will stay until it is boiled to death…We frogs understand this.”      ~ Deb Caletti

WebThis quote is a painfully true statement in my personal case; and, has always stuck with me since I first read the words on a fellow speaker’s pamphlet at a DV seminar that I was speaking at. She had such a powerful message that we became instant allies in the fight against Domestic Violence and Child Abuse. The “boiling point” comparison has always hit right at home with me because I used to be burned with scalding water regularly during my captivity/marriage; and the metaphor is dead on because the effect of this one of two things:

  1. it shocks you in totality
  2. it creates physical numbness

My dear sister survivor Avalanche once wrote about the “boiling point” also – nailing it to perfectly described element of the truths surrounding domestic violence and captivity. We frogs do, indeed, understand this all too well.

4 thoughts on “Incremental Death.

  1. Only when without, do we realise what was endured
    But until that point, it all becomes the norm
    To the edge of death, when lives take a fall

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  2. Great post and what a superb comparison. Strength to you friend 🙂

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