This is a piece written and dedicated to Indira Anupindi #E476 (My daughter’s USELESS case worker). I know most of you will not like this piece; but it’s written from my heart and sings my truth.

I’d like to take you and your only child
To a place where the wild animals are
And bind your child to a lone, distant tree
Away from you and I
And, I will call out the animals
That prey on the flesh of your kin
The worst kind of beasts
From atop the food chain
And as night falls they will come to feast
While you and I must watch it all
You will not be allowed to help
Your screams make no sound
Just watch…
and see what becomes,
of your only little one,
he won’t survive long enough
for you to feel my pain
such a meek and gentle child you have
he is nothing like his Destroyer mother,
and he is nothing like my seasoned girl,
just a dead thing at the end of a string
don’t look away
I couldn’t, you wouldn’t let me
here we are,
just the two of us now
shall I go retrieve your baby’s corpse for you
Or would you like to watch him hang a while?

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