The Treme.

If you haven’t already taken the time out of your life to watch to watch the entire series called “Treme
I insist that if you are an American (or a Non-American, for that matter) with any heart, you do so as soon as possible. In light of Hurricane Katrina and the wide array of human tragedies attached to this historical event, this series has been called “the screen depiction that New Orleans deserves, has always desired, but has been denied.”
Rich in the traditional local musical culture of the neighborhoods of New Orleans, this series is non-stop moving from beginning to end. From the makers of The Wire, and with many of the same cast members plus additions such as Danai Gurira (Michonne from Walking Dead) as well as Kim Dickens (Joanie from Deadwood), the characters are profoundly real and convincing. This series is amazing and deserves to be watched by everyone.

One thought on “The Treme.

  1. sfarnell says:

    Im in the ‘non’ category, ill need to watch out and see if it reaches our shores.

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