11 thoughts on “So Lonely.

  1. neighsayer says:

    cool song, shitty feeling. I like your garden.

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  2. One of my favorite songs ever…I know nothing of depression as I have been a pretty happy camper for a while now. I do however understand it. I am all good with the fact that essentially we are alone, when we’re born we don’t come out coupled with another unless you’re a twin, in which case you are a lucky cunt. We live alone, people run parallel with us at times but always end up shooting off on some random tangent, if you are lucky enough to find someone to shuffle through life you are lucky, but not many people are aware of the gratitude they should have for being so fucking lucky. I’m a little pissed so please excuse my prattle. Still digging you shit babe. Keep it up, in the good times, the dark times, the bleak times and the sunny. You are really all you have as depressing as it sounds it’s really a blessing,
    hope you’re well.
    Peace and light

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  3. Hugs my friend. x

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  4. sfarnell says:

    Nothing like a bit of the police. You can be lo nely when all about you is chaos and crowds. Hope youre ok, been thinking about you. x

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  5. JunkChuck says:

    Hope you’re not relating too much….

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