Sometimes, I wonder what it might be like NOT to wonder.
What it might feel like not to want.
How a life lived out from under the dark shadow cast by abuse would have felt.
What security…TRUE security, feels like to fall asleep inside of at night.
I wonder.

14 thoughts on “Wonder.

  1. I wondered but for a second in the storm of love
    And after my heart was slaughtered
    I wanted only the wonder to burn with the remains of my soul
    For sake of it not luring me once more into the storm

    PS: Great write, and like it
    Sorry if my own words are a little jaded

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  2. charlypriest says:

    Americana! The past is the past, can´t change that. But we can change our future,or course correct as I like to say.
    I stopped wondering some time ago, sort of a “fuck it mentality” it happened, they say do whatever they want, I just move on.

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  3. I don´t want to know what it would be like. I would lose my edge. I don´t want to go back to naivete. I want to see the world as it is. What if soft living had given me a taste for ease, or for greed? What would I have compromised to keep an easy lifestyle? How would I be able to teach my kids about hard work and perseverance? True security is an illusion, I think. There is no such thing. It is a wish, only.

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  4. It’s the greatest facet of the human spirit. Buried within the folds of even the pale apparition of humanity lies the capacity to allow the mind to reach beyond the dome of the night sky into the reaches of expanding space. You, too, are doubly wise and know this whether you know it or not.

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  5. acquiescent72 says:

    Hmmmm….I totally relate to this sentiment, but I don’t think it’s a reality for those of us that have actual compassion for people around us. I am battling an alcohol problem right now and I think that my primary reason for drinking it to numb my emotions. It’s not real, we truly can’t do that, if we care….

    Intriguing post, as always, my dear!

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