The Un Secret Childhood Dialogue of S and J

Still going…

Mocking Bird Down

Part One

S watched with glee as J swallowed a second time for good measure, all the while not taking her eyes off of the red faced Ms. Melody who at this point looked more and more like she might burst a vein in her forehead. The aid had pulled his earphones off and was dutifully leaning over to pick up the piece of chalk that had just been unceremoniously flung at his face.

Ms. Melody glared at J, with a piercing but all too familiar look that would have had most children in tears. But not J. J licked her lips – for effect – and smiled back at Ms. Melody with a defiance that caused several other kids to slink down in their seats in fearful anticipation of the inevitable ‘boom’.

S grinned at J, who would have grinned back had she not been engaged in a staring…

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