I do not like things,

the way they have been,

two weeks from now,

I still won’t like them –

and two years away,

as a New Year rolls in,

I likely still won’t like things,

the way that they have been.

I can’t describe things,

with the words I’d like to,

mouth won’t speak the sentences,

I need to say in truth –

nothing’s down the road ahead,

to cure this pseudo-mute,

no finish line to run toward,

or spectators throwing food.

I just can’t seem to feel things,

in ways that I can almost recall,

this bloodlessness has dropped me,

til I have nowhere left to fall –

the truths behind the tragedies,

will seep through hairlines in the wall,

no…I do not like things,

the way that they have been, at all.

3 thoughts on “Dissatisfaction.

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    Keep hanging in there, my Friend, after all, you are a Survivor and motivate people to not quit, even when all odds seem to be against you. xoxo 👀 ♥ * ͜ * ♥ 👀