“Mad Skillz”.

As a lover of Terminal Velocity in Free Fall (although admittedly, I am no swooper by the stretch of anyone’s imagination – but I know a few record title holders in skydiving’s kindred “suicidal sport”), I am not alone in finding this particular parody absolutely hilarious. I have included the original scene of ‘Downfall’ (out of which ‘Mad Skillz’ was created) – followed by the Skydiver Twist in regard to the sport of Swooping. The story behind the original joke is a long story but in short, was about a comment made by an amateur swooper in regard to his own ability to swoop before having the proper canopy or enough hours of training. Enjoy!

The Original Scene:


“Mad Skillz” Scene:




2 thoughts on ““Mad Skillz”.

  1. JunkChuck says:

    Nope. Just, nope. Bungee jumped 25 years ago, then had to call my mom, “You know all those times you asked me if I’d jump off a bridge if all my friends did it, well….” Terra firma for me, sweetheart–and I’m old enough to feel like admitting my cowardice is an act of bravery. And wisdom. Enjoyed the video, though. Fist pump.