I have started to write this so many times
Replaced certain words and erased entire lines
the curse of this message is veiled behind
the fact that its author seems frozen in time;

At times its content strikes me as absurd
I lose my last nerve upon finishing the words
the truth of my sadness is vague and obscure
By the time I’m done writing, I’m left feeling unsure;

Yet it’s plain for all to see through such futility
the desperate force that keeps on driving a need
of the author to express certain points clearly
before there isn’t time left to convey such things;

So then, the permanent pen of this sad story’s end
may help ease the hollowness suffered within
may offer release from the binds she’s wrapped in
may turn out to be a good bye to her friends;

Either way, the result disappoints all the same
the unfinished manuscript prevails once again
as a mockery of things too harsh to explain
until I resign and throw the towel back in;

Even so, against the fading of productive days
I strive to somehow put my sorrow into paraphrase
to pull the anchor from my chest and toss it far away
by writing down concisely all this shit I want to say.

7 thoughts on “Legacy.

  1. I feel sad for that author. So glad what you have to say comes up in a way that fuels day to day. The reader sure is lucky to see Americanas Legacy

    Great poem you write J. I fucking dig it 🙏

  2. Jarrod C says:

    Sometimes the right words aren’t there to convey the emotion needed.

  3. kosmogonic says:

    This just speaks straight from your soul, so beautifully. It’s also very clever indeed. Every word counts and it really moved me. Thank you.