“People Like Me”.

It’s quite apparent

to someone like me

how someone like you

might come to be;

Your parents protected

your eyes from the truth

you came into yourself

without having a clue;

you are highly offensive

through all you presume

a clean, handsome face

with a weasel’s attitude

your life has consisted

of skies nothing but blue

a spoiled brat on a cushion

a true Trust Fund Brute;

So now you’re a grown up

house and job handed to you

and your jack-assed behavior

is sadly nothing that’s new;

there’s something important

that I’ve longed to construe

if you choose to listen

it will only bring help to you;

know that people like me

might be unschooled, it’s true

however odd that may be

to people such as you;

who just can’t understand

a typically higher IQ

in the people like me

compared to idiots like you;

I’ve spent my every day alive

feeling like I’ll never get through

while you prance around crying

about such unimportant issues;

but I guess if I’m honest

I’d act just like that, too

if I had been born and raised

inside the lies of the silver spoon.

2 thoughts on ““People Like Me”.

  1. I know a few people who should read this! Well done.

    Liked by 1 person

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