Slippery Stone.

Like a slippery stone
skipping carelessly
across a placid pond
see the ripples I cast
as I pitch quickly along
too fast to perceive
before I sink and am gone
to the darkness below
right where I belong
the only comfort I know
amid a world not my own
the only place I can go
the only place I feel calm
emotionally drifting and numb
like a military drone
a familiarity akin to me
feeling close to home
a pressure’s slow release
until my breath is gone
from my lungs down deep
exhales an ancient song
of the stars and moon
mother earth and the sun
A fabled melody
with a tragic undertone
and when I hit the bottom
the silt’s within my palm
I see the bubbles rising
to the surface, boiling long
up to the stillness settling
the very spot I dropped in from
I know then that finally
my remaining breath has gone
eyes closed in acceptance
utter silence overcomes
a quiet, empty shore
Cursed by all who come
A forlorn resting place
See the lack of any sun
As I surface once again
To the hand I was tossed from
I fight and struggle vainly
Before Im tightly in its palm
To be skipped repeatedly
Leaving ripples in the pond

4 thoughts on “Slippery Stone.

  1. An absolute, bloody masterpiece!