Every last inch of any space I’ve ever claimed
has been taken in turn and never been mine again

every desperate word spoken from my mouth, in vain
has somehow been twisted by negative change

every bone broken and trampled on in rage
has submitted to the ghosts that haunt my DNA

every moment stolen from every hour of every day
has burned my eyes and settled deep into my brain

every childhood need ignored by a mother who walked away
has permitted my adulthood to slowly fade away

every blog post written in attempt to ease the pain
have become the journal of a ghost that still remains

every time I fool myself into believing I’ll be okay
has only been another lie to get me through another day

12 thoughts on “Every.

  1. Been thinking of you, so good to see a post today. Packs a punch this one.

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  2. Hell yer that holds an edge of a vicious charm
    Friggin class A work

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  3. As long as it gets you through the day. Sending huge hugs my friend. I miss you J! Xx

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  4. Simon says:

    Hey you… Thinking of you – sending love and hugs over ☺

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