Unfillable 2016

I know that more than most like you,

you do what you mean,

you mean what you do,

I see you’ve proven tried and true

how your presence hangs

over empty work boots

I see only YOU can fill those shoes

nobody else,

no one, but you.

I know that more than most like me,

I fall down harder,

I heal more slowly,

you see what resembles, vaguely,

that maybe I’m just,

behaving protectively,

you see the way that I’m sinking,

desperate thrusts uppercut,

to kick you free from me,

The truth is much harder to loose,

it can fly like an arrow,

or choke like a noose,

til nothing is left to solve or deduce,

high like the sparrow,

left singing the blues.


3 thoughts on “Unfillable.

  1. Simon says:

    Hey you.what’s going on in your life?
    You’re in my thoughts x