I told you
didn’t I?
you know
I had to try…
to hold onto
my own
so indeed
and, earnestly
I let the
arrows fly…
loosed carelessly
to describe
my over-tired
and broken mind
there it was…
no doubt
all laid out
to scale
and personalized
to the very
best ability
of me –
yet, it’s trifling,
a novel compound
of your loyalty
weighing down
an anchor
drowning me…
I tried
early on,
to say why
spelled out
in bold lettering…
to emphasize
with clarity
as like mine…


3 thoughts on “Identify.

  1. I have skipped a lot of your poetry posts in the past year because you convey emotion so well. I think your poems are the arrows, they do pierce me and so much comes from the wound.. this pain is good for me. It evokes memory and feelings I am supposed to face.. I skip no more.

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    • I feel inclined to say “thank you” but am aware that this might not necessarily be a good thing always; I know emotions are a bitch and tend to bite when we aren’t looking…either way, I adore you, and am always here if those poems of mine trigger a need for further contact. We are kindred, and you know why…
      All my love to you and yours. ♡

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