Turned Around in the Grave.

Out of a most malicious spite
I send a vibe worldwide tonight

to all of you misguided souls
professing “love” through your bankrolls

on this “holiday” I usually tend to lean
to a position that renders me unfeeling

Because I can’t bring myself to celebrate
the barbaric silencing of a murdered Saint

I wonder if everyone feels caught in a display
like a mindless mannequin posed to sit that way

I wonder if a second thought goes out across the night
of torture, death and blood-lust behind the candlelight

as you snuggle up and whisper empty bullshit born of wine
there’s turning in the grave belonging to St. Valentine

I’d go as far to say that if he’d had the slightest clue
of the mockery his brutal execution would turn into

It is likely the good Saint might think another way, indeed
and laugh in the very faces of those he traded for the guillotine.

3 thoughts on “Turned Around in the Grave.

  1. Lori Carlson says:

    Wow… my sentiments exactly, but mercy, you penned them so powerfully!

    Liked by 1 person

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