Dirty Kerosene.

reduce heat;
let simmer –
stir in memories…
add some seasoning,
cover entire mix;
boil overnight,
slow and steadily,
infuse the sauce,
with every teardrop,
slow-cooked misery;
a favorite, indeed,
to anyone in the room,
this unspoken recipe,
Sugar-Candied Doom,
it all tastes,
the same to me,
a price to pay,
for the slow-brew,
insomnia infused,
home-made marinade,
douse any leftovers,
in dirty kerosene,
and burn it up,
with any residual,
happy memories,
the pot has boiled over,
to the sensory…
bury the book,
the one from,
which you took,
this torturous recipe.