I can be angry
and not wish you ill
for all of the things
that I’m discovering still;

I can resent you
and not stand in the way
of the places you’re going
with me out of your face;

I can choose to
turn away
and not listen
to a word you say;
Which admittedly,
is hard on me
because I don’t usually
roll that way;

I can write of
the promises made
and broken between
the exact same space;

I can hold grudges
that turn into
massive tidal waves
that will swallow you

I can choose to
follow along
with the flock
that sings your song;
which truthfully
just isn’t me
so please –
don’t get me wrong.

I can be nothing,
to you, in your life
and this will
suit me just fine;

You can still see me
though I’m only a dot,
in your rear view
on a map that you lost.

3 thoughts on “Dot.

  1. Reblogged this on georgeforfun and commented:

    well written, full of heart and soul………….;<)))))))))))

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