I offer up
no apology,
for the wounds
that I leave,
like the moon as it hangs,
so mockingly cruel,
in a swoon from the pangs,
so hungrily fueled;

I rebuff the
that claim to love
like a beast in a cage,
such disparate woe,
through a ill-induced rage,
I see the face of my foe;

I will erupt
boiling over
from the heat,
like a kamikaze bomb,
so much emptiness,
in the place I’m from,
it all looks like this;

I request
no sympathy,
for these wounds
bleeding perpetually,
like the neck lain upon,
the guillotine’s blade,
here, and then gone,
without a final word said.

3 thoughts on “Offering.

  1. Holy shit. 👏👏👏👏👏amazing. That flowed hard as moonshine and smooth as honey weed.
    Glad I read this with a buzz 😝