Banners High.

I want to sleep so that I can dream…
And be there with him once again;

My fingers intertwined like vines,
Inside of his fingers, gripping strong,

Inside of the safety,
To which I know I belong…

So many signs, banners flying high,
Snapping tight;

His voice carries over the wind to my ear…
Reminding me again, I have nothing to fear;

My memories have faded some,
Inside my mind, slipping away,

From my recollections,
Of days like yesterday…
So much time, years slipping right on by,
Stacking upright;

But the memory within the entrusted heart…
That its heavy beats cannot break apart;

Keeps his fingers intertwined with mine,
Locked within a Love-Forged tomb, eternally,

Inside of an impenetrable vault,
Residing deeply within me…

So many words of mine and yours, they were not lies,
Frozen airtight.
Just listen to your heart, my Dear…

I assure you it’s my promise you will hear;
I have held your hand always, this way,

Inside of mine, unrelenting over time,
Through the tribulations,
Combined, at least ten digits, intertwined…

So many fires burned, to dry up every fallen tear,

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