The biggest dilemma surrounding me,
is that which defines my own failed dealings,
throughout my life, it’s become a disease,
to be broken, in comparison to everybody;
and in turn, this difference that stands between,
always burns to ashes, any chances I might see,
wholesome and unbroken folks want no part of me,
rendering it impossible to know such human beings;
many times I’ve tried to put myself into a “normal” scene,
only to effectively emphasize such vast contrast in between,
I’m tired of sharing “friendships” with liars, cheats and feigns,
but I don’t want to mix my bullshit with the next guy’s purity;
it’s a problem I’ve lived with throughout my entire memory,
to hate to love the people who fear abandonment, same as me,
but, to also despise the feeling of trying to fit into “normalcy”,
it’s the paradox of searching for a place to simply “be”.

8 thoughts on “Paradoxy.

  1. Simon says:

    I don’t know if you can call me normal, or especially wholesome. But I’m a friend… of sorts in this online place.

  2. Please contact me on email. I want to discuss Marcus and his memory. thank you.

  3. I can completely relate with this. Always living in a paradox as if it was a crime. People do not seem to understand.