Between the rightful eyes,
between the shaky lines;
Between courses of a meal in an old, echoing hall;
The greatest feasts
had by the greatest beasts,
the finest wines;
Between arms’ length
and violation;
Between the pages of an unread
book in a forgotten drawer;
Dread history lessons repeated;
the tides of liberation.
Between questions,
between answers;
Between the two regrets of
having asked and being told;
The songs, singers,
dances and dancers;
Between the vast and mysterious,
between the frostbitten sheets;
Tangled fabrics tied into knots
from the skins of human beings;
Between the endless, frozen depths
and the bottoms of my feet,
Between the sea and sky,
between the breaths of you and I;
Between debris from the bridges
burned down along the way;
Between the longest of Hellos,
and the short, sweet Goodbye.

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