It’s An Ice Cream Cake.

Go back about 30 years to when I got my first pair of bike shorts;

…yup, bike shorts; remember those?

Yeah, those – with the neon stripe down either outer leg, that’s right. At the time, my brothers gave me Hell, beginning a life-long joke that has something to do with my thighs and the word “drumsticks”. It was due to this very instance that I was too self-conscious to wear anything even remotely tight on my legs until maybe…like, 5 or 6 years ago; it was due to the drumsticks that I never wore shorts growing up. I never wore a bathing suit in the absence of shorts, either; I dropped out of cheer-leading (which was probably a blessing in disguise anyway; imagine me as a cheerleader, wow…).


It was that singularly potent time; that half-hour of being taunted and laughed at in my new bike shorts by my older brothers that turned my legs into “Turkey Sticks” for decades to come. I honestly spent many years of my Life with the warped image of two big ol’ turkey drumsticks in the mirror where my legs should’ve been.

And, so…in the spirit of keeping me on my toes and looking alive for my REAL BIRTHDAY, my roommate Dice got me this amazingly sweet reminder of the good old days at home with my brothers.

NOTE: Dice is so very much like any one of my brothers in a given moment, that this totally acceptable and fitting, coming from him.

7 thoughts on “It’s An Ice Cream Cake.

  1. My bro still calls me turkey butt. It’s an old joke from High School…

  2. JMC813 says:

    Gimme an F! Gimme a U! Gimme a C!……..I think you see where this is going. Those cheerleaders never woulda known what hit em. I can’t imagine it either but would fuckin pay to see it for sure. You rock at 11 my friend. A couple of the cheerleaders at my HS also hung out at the stoner table once in a while. Strange hybrid but it seemed to work for us/them. LOL

  3. Rita says:

    Happy Birthday again!!!!