Crown Thy Good.

Getting harder to love,

the blue, the red, the white;

my country is disgraceful,

the worst of all parasites;

I don’t care to vote,

yes – you read me right,

no option on the ballot,

who can tread where I reside,

pompous millionaires,

big white-capped teeth

and spray-on hair,

I do not oblige,

in such wasted time,

it’s all that’s left of mine,

or, at least toe the line,

and let us finally get,

a fucking genuine candidate,

who has lived through,

some tried and true shit,

someone to accurately represent,

those of us,

not born corporate,

or hesitant,

to bleed for it,

the way things stand,

as a REAL American,

the gig is up,

and the towel’s thrown in,

it’s hard on me,

to truly understand,

to grasp the sheepishness,

of my countrymen.


3 thoughts on “Crown Thy Good.

  1. no different than any other country Jess. the real criminals have a government seat as they stare down on those trying to make ends meat
    Feel for you, your choices this turn around are pretty ugly in ever way

    you could move to Canada, lots of space lol