When you take
the number
and divide it by
women and men;
each number’s
shackled to the next
there is no turning back again;
Each of the numbers
write from behind a face
and a name only known
by the remaining of the eight;
stationed, they form a natural loop
around a cauldron, boiling hot
they each impart upon the brew
the best of what they brought;
with words heavy as a ton of sand
and fire embers burning old as time
they concoct a wondrous trail of smoke
that creates a beacon above their firelight;
With every flavorful addition tossed in
the fire blazes and pot steams and steeps
the froth that simply forms along the surface
is potent enough to put a crackhead to sleep;
The reason being for this magick
is the formation of a dangerous clan
a legion of literary sword mimes
was how the strange brew began;
This group is threaded by invisible strings
a need to release all of the past happenings
and create from them something…
to counter, with some kind of solid meaning;
each dark, smoky tendril that vaporizes
from the brewing force into the Universe
another gladiator slain by an Arena Beast
another burial of a memory’s curse;
they evade beneath the canopy’s shade
a sword dug in the soil by each’s side
for they have forged the smallest army
hell-bent on turning the compliant tides.

4 thoughts on “Ordained.

  1. Now that’s a truly deep one, Milady. I had a feeling of a Spartan army and its last great act of defiance and sacrifice. Hope your day will be wonderful………….. big hugs, both hands healthy again, finally, but still have to go to PT, she loves torturing me and won’t sign off yet…. Brunhilde G. Khan, I should have known better…….
    👀 ♥ * ͜ * ♥ 👀

  2. Wordidge, pure grade A wordidge
    Spins a real interesting path to the end