A Woman and Two Men.

It’s come to where I can’t help but to finally say,

after biting my tongue for two years’ worth of days,

over things ever done in the stupidest ways,

by the two gentlemen who I call my roommates;


the idiocy that shines through each one’s daily moves,

leaves me stuck there on stupid like gum on a shoe,

instead of applying any logic to the shit that they do,

they form a tempest of absurdity and sweep right on through;


it would kill either one to rinse his cereal bowl,

       before impetuously stacking them in a mile-high row,

right next to the sink where they good and well know,

that I will wash them in order to see out the kitchen window;


dirty camping trip laundry and mildewed swim trunks,

overflowing garbage cans that appear to have blown up,

my family room is littered with dollar bills and empty cups,

my back yard decorated with engine oil and cigar butts;


and, though I know it isn’t born of grandiosity,

and that my boys must suffer from what’s sheer stupidity,

neither one seems bothered by existing so confusedly,

one day attaches to the next with such mindless simplicity;


bottles left on the front porch step when the trash can is nearby,

things that make such little sense that I often want to cry,

toilet seat ever-up, missing socks, poison oak in both my eyes,

stains and spots, rotting apricots, and the associated flies;


they hardly wonder why people say that I mother them,

it’s like I live with two schoolboys, ages eight and ten,

any alternative to the drill is hard to let myself imagine,

and so, it goes, the side-show starring a woman and two men.










23 thoughts on “A Woman and Two Men.

  1. me says:

    😂😂😂😂 Males!!!

  2. charlypriest says:

    My Americana Injuuuuustica! So you have two roomates that are guys……you actually sound like the woman that has rent me a room for, her it goes! 130$ a month, you can´t beat that, fuck what a great deal, and between you and me, ( I don´t think this is public) this woman who has 45, years of old so I did sol my soul…. ha 😉 Kidding, but I do get along good with her and with the getting along came the “physical support” wich helps in my case since I didn´t pay the electricity and gas, and wáter bills.
    Not my fault though, or maybe it is, but I didn´t ask for it, she is hot, and she seemed to, really just fuck me, the strange thing is that she actually sees me as a kid or her kids wich she has 3 of them in Peru, but the mommy thing, comes out in strange ways, so yes mam, now the question is, why do older women have “something” that like to have intercourse with a younger male, specially women that are not married and …… they probably are missing something and my guess is that i provide that “something” , with my crazy being, since as you said you aare living with two guys who you feel they are teenage boys since they don´t clean after them, that is this woman that she rents me the room, fuck, what a comment ( and the weed and beer was not talking)……..waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasap! 😉 love ya

  3. Like it
    And being a male, I get how annoying we can be!

  4. Men! You can’t live with ’em…… you can’t live with ’em 😉