Shitty Haiku.

Today I wrote shitty Haiku,
another 5,7,5 – of home brew
another gaggle of lines,
strung within the confines,
another glimpse at how poorly I do.
Yesterday I made cupcakes,
fit to kill or thrill on the intake
another subconscious way,
to pass the hours away,
a means of digesting my fate.
At one time I dreamed naively,
of my pen filling paper with poetry
under signs of duress,
stood in line like the rest,
for words that never came to me.
Someday I may come to stand,
in the foreground waving a hand
just look at me now,
broken all the way down,
as solid and proud as I am.

5 thoughts on “Shitty Haiku.

  1. A true read and even more true of how shitty feels

    Liked by 1 person

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