Sunrise and ADHD.

What does this morning’s dawning want to bring to me?
I could wash the wood floors, or climb a tall tree;
I could force myself to get my lab work done, finally;
Or I could sit on the beach and get stoned, like I want to be.

Maybe I’ll go hide in the library…
I can read my favorite books endlessly;
Surprise Sensei Han when I show up for karate;
Or just sit on my ass at my desk and write poetry.

Perhaps I will lead, in high speed – at the racetrack, again;
Or maybe shit some overpriced ammo down the drain;
I could always go hiking and get lost in the rain;
I’m partial to the idea of a tattoo gun’s special pain.

Today might be the day I dive for abalone;
Or decide to set my family of society finches free;
I just never know what’s in store for me;
With a mind so confined by its A.D.H.D.

7 thoughts on “Sunrise and ADHD.

  1. Simon says:

    Confined or not, I like some of those ideas.

  2. sreejanac says:

    Loved the punch line of your blog,’better to die on your feet than on your knees.’It will ring in my ears for sometime for sure.

  3. sreejanac says:

    Hi.I’ve been writing only proverbs for sometime now.So I’ll go go a step further and say,
    ‘ better to die on your feet than to live on your knees.