Or Shall I Say?

Go on,

hah, giddy up

run along

don’t fuck it up

your will feels strong

to try your luck

make it rain

down the drain

more bang for the buck

Or shall I say

more buck

for the bang

more overtime play

of never fading

head games

Or shall I

try to summarize

the way I’ve changed

over time

there’s nothing gained

that’s right

drink it up

no fucking way

will I pass my cup

or shall I

try to remind

try to connect

the broken lines

I can’t relay

with any accuracy

with any subtlety

the way it feels

when you look at me

try some sympathy

try a different view

something new

might surprise

the stiffened likes of you

look into these eyes

beyond the lies

they feed to you

or shall I


my sympathetic view?

2 thoughts on “Or Shall I Say?

  1. Wow, like way cool man, totally rad
    I’ll clean my language filters later but really great stuff

  2. kosmogonic says:

    Sigh. Beautiful rhythm and really brooding feel.