To turn the laughter

good and upside-down,


to close the chapter

with that damning frown,


to see all that matters

scattered far around,


to attempt a stagger

steps quickly Hell-bound,


to be lost ever-after

in the suction of sound,


to kiss the salt of my master

swallow it down,


to fuel the fires of disaster

burn the Heavens now,


to blink a tiny bit faster

and ignore it somehow,


to realize it’s been shattered

how it sputtered and broke down,


to recognize a pattern

in the roots beneath the ground.









One thought on “Stagger.

  1. kosmogonic says:

    Jesus, never was a poem better titled. What have you done here!? Fuck. Do you even realise? You’re in to heavy metaphysical territory, unpicking seams and reinventing perception. I’ve got a lot of your stuff to read but this is the best so far, and that is saying something. It’s the most beautifully terrifying poem I’ve ‘felt’ in a long time. Homage Americana Injustica.