What’s a young life that’s been checked and abused,

just naturally expected to someday evolve into?

Is it possible that most people don’t have a clue?

But then, how could they feel the fit of my shoes?

It seems probable that those who life’s been good to,

with the spring in their’ steps as they walk down the avenue,

will each live and die miles from any Life that is true,

without walking the line down hard times, blind to virtue.

Because, what’s an old girl supposed to do,

at the appearance of that elusive “moment of truth”?

When the truth doesn’t seem to at all recognize you,

and instead, fills your head and keeps lying to you.


One thought on “Apocryphal.

  1. kosmogonic says:

    I think every moment is a moment of truth, only some have greater amplitude and distortion, for they change or affect the other moments that are to come, even if we cannot know how. Like when we intuit something unspeakable and portentous from a few spoken words we hear and may wait decades or a lifetime to gain a sense of what it was we felt or were being told, through ripples or schisms in the fabric’s flow.


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