(Yes, I think I totally made up that  word up there ^ …. whatever)


Wound up and down

in a knot strong and sound

tightly coiled

protectively oiled

this knot won’t come unwound;


swirls the noise of defeat

bound like rope to my feet

still survives

misery thrives

in the eyes of this injured beast;


Given sometimes to perplexing fits

driven through tried and true bullshit

strangely free


just glad to be as far away as I can get.


3 thoughts on “Detachedly.

  1. kosmogonic says:

    Yep, but it’s precisely the right ‘made up’ word. Beautiful.


  2. JMC813 says:

    Sometimes words already recognized as such just don’t say what we want them to, or evoke the feelings or emotions that our own specific word will convey. So then it is just a matter of necessity that our narrative be graced by a word of our own creation. You and I will both continue use our own vocabulous* voice as we see fit. That is just all part of our awesomocity* my friend!!!

    = words that can only be found in the JMC813 dictionary. Cuz fuck Merriam Webster that’s why!!!! LMAO

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