Dawn’s Early Light.

Secret societies,

pillaged liberties,

warring parties,

uncanny similarities;


pompous and blind;

two faces at one time,

our nation is defined,

by how we cut in line;


No matter how we try,

to feed ourselves the lie,

the truth is still outright,

something blocks our sight;


The Blindfolded Nation,

based on sheer determination,

built up by pure retaliation,

and passed down generations;


born to revolutionary notoriety,

and we’ve fucked it up, quite obviously

now we’re chalked up as the world’s bully

because we can’t stop expanding globally.


2 thoughts on “Dawn’s Early Light.

  1. Simon says:

    I like the message, but have some comfort in the fact that you guys aren’t seen as the ones who took a a bullet to yourselves 😉

    Hope you’re ok my friend… I know you probably hate to be asked. I can’t help myself I’m afraid… 😛