Your Protestor.

The protestor,

writhing longingly,

beneath the fingers,

that break me,

bucking the system,

I beg you openly,

awash with desire,

afire with the need,

hurt me,

burn me,

make me bleed,

the protector,

spilling solemnly,

appears the specter,

haunting scenery,

plucking the feathers,

I reach desperately,

your kiss is like fire,

burning under feet,

just force me,

own my everything,

drawn to your beckoning,

beneath your carnality,

above my captivity,

never release,

do not set me free.

4 thoughts on “Your Protestor.

  1. Oh me effing gawd!!!
    I want that!

    I’m effing panting by the time I got to the end….

  2. Wow!! Excellent

  3. kosmogonic says:

    This is the carnal immanence D.H. Lawrence spoke of. It burns with every sort of longing that there is. Tremendous.