The branded letters of your name in dark calligraphy,

carved out by Forever’s river subcutaneously,

to the bone, through the veins, tattooed in crimson ink,

the treasure that I favor ascribed in arcane lettering;


In the distant future dissolve the sutures sewn by time,

I suck the poison from your wound and put a twinkle in your eye,

you suck the fear from this defeated spirit of mine,

you will bask in my trust and I will harbor your pride;


the hand-written book bound together with twine,

unspeakably strong, fit to tow on the line,

a secret alphabet soup eaten by passing time,

words rung through to soothe my aching mind.






One thought on “Scribe.

  1. kosmogonic says:

    Deeply moving, portentous and beautifully crafted.