Time To Wash Our Hands.

Tried and true,

a historical truth,

a universal attitude,

that breeds,




and greed,


Devil’s due,

for his advocacy,

take heed,

break bread,

with the living,

for the dead,



all around,

snarls and frowns,

eyes looking down,

at the phone,

or the ground,

but we’re not alone,

born of one womb,

we shared a home,

before we learned,

before we burned,

and proceeded to sever,

possibly forever,

the connective compound,

the protective playground,

but it’s all gone now,

wow, we’re not so clever,

after everything,

not now or ever,

will we come together,

to en devour to  mend,

our mother is dying,

our father stands still,


and men,

every color of skin,

stand back up,

get up again,

it’s time to wash our hands.




One thought on “Time To Wash Our Hands.

  1. So many atrocities…one must occasionally wonder if it’s possible to wash our hands of it all, or if we have to find a way to just start again?

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