Noise Pollution.

 I’m in quite some mood,

the first few moments,

of my day were good,

then the components,

of my domestic brood,

plus the added bonus,

of my own inquietude;


the bass thumps strong,

my blood up too far,

a siege lain upon eardrums,

feeling like a Wild-Card,

a party after Junior Prom,

is where he must think we are,

a refusal to lower the volume,

met my good ol’ trusty crowbar;


It really shouldn’t be,

a thing so impossible to know,

that folks with PTSD,

need to perceive certain control,

when the music level envelopes me,

so loud that my brainwaves roll,

no one should wonder why I’m angry,

and refuse to remove my earphones.









3 thoughts on “Noise Pollution.

  1. What an interesting piece. I’ve always detested noise pollution but, though the fourth of July had me wondering how people with PTSD might be fairing with all of those explosions, it had never occurred to me that unchecked music volume could have the dance effect. It’s a really good thing to be aware of.

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  2. kosmogonic says:

    Sobering. Hope you’re okay.

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  3. Simon says:

    It must be a strange place. Like your mind is the whole world and is full of noise and thumping, maybe anger too.

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